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About Me  

Hello! Nihao! Bonjour! My name is Tommy Ting and I am a gamemaker, researcher and digital imaging and mocap specialist with experience in game development, level design, 3D modeling, motion capture and photogrammetry. My games and research explore queer culture through making and designing video games that reference queer history, dance, architecture and literature.

I graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Digital Futures at OCAD University in Toronto specializing in game design and interactive media. I worked as a production coordinator at Electronic Arts Canada mocap studio, The Capture Lab. I was previously an artist associate at Open School East, an experimental learning space based in London, UK and I hold a BA in Photography from the London College of Communication.

Recent exhibitions and presentations include Nuit Rose (2019), Queerness and Games Con (2018), ReFiG (2018) and Nanaimo Art Gallery (2017). My writing has been published by First Person Scholar. Upcoming exhibitions include Cruising Pavilion at ArkDes, Stockholm (2019) and POP Montreal (2019).

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Vancouver / Toronto / London, UK

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